Handyman Services in San Angelo

At WT Sweeping and Maintenance, we understand the value of a well-maintained home. We’re thrilled to announce our brand new range of handyman services, designed to keep your household running smoothly and your entertainment top-notch.

Maintaining your home is not just about keeping up appearances—it’s about preserving the safety, comfort, and value of your most important investment. Regular home repairs prevent minor issues from escalating into costly disasters and improve the functionality and efficiency of your living space. From ensuring your ceiling fans run smoothly to fixing that pesky leaky faucet, every repair is a step towards safeguarding the sanctuary you call home.

Prices start at $115/hr for the first site employee and $80 for the second employee (if needed). 1 hour minimum charge.

Our Handyman Services Include

Home Repairs

From fixing leaky faucets to replacing electrical outlets, our skilled team ensures your home stays in tip-top condition.

Audio Speaker Systems

Elevate your audio experience with our expert replacement and installation services.

Appliance Replacement

Swap out the old for the new seamlessly with our appliance replacement expertise.

TV and Stereo Installation

Let us take your entertainment setup to the next level with professional installation services.

Home Repairs Offered

Home repair services are essential for maintaining the safety, comfort, and value of your home. Regular maintenance can prevent small issues from escalating into costly repairs, ensuring that your living space remains a sanctuary for you and your loved ones. From updating electrical outlets for enhanced safety to fixing leaky faucets to conserve water, each task contributes to the overall functionality and efficiency of your home. A well-maintained home also retains its value and appeal, making it a wise investment for the future.

Elevate comfort and style with our ceiling fan installation service. Whether it’s keeping cool on hot summer days or ensuring efficient air circulation, a properly installed ceiling fan is both an aesthetic and functional upgrade to any room.

Enhance your home’s functionality with our appliance replacement and installation services. From refrigerators to ovens, we handle the setup, ensuring your appliances are operating safely and efficiently.

Safety and convenience are paramount in any home. Our electrical outlet replacement service ensures your power sources are up to code, functioning safely, and placed exactly where you need them.

Our expert plumbing services will address any issues with exposed pipes and fixtures, preventing water damage and ensuring the integrity of your plumbing system.

Protect your appliances and enjoy better water quality with our water softener installation. Say goodbye to hard water stains and buildup for a smoother, cleaner water experience.

Conserve water and eliminate the annoyance of drips with our leaky faucet and showerhead repair services. A quick fix can lead to improved water pressure and savings on your bills.

Ensure your bathroom’s reliability and efficiency with our toilet and float replacement services, addressing common problems like running toilets and leaks for a worry-free restroom experience.

Quality You Can Trust

Our experienced technicians come equipped with the tools and knowledge to handle your repairs and installations efficiently and effectively. We’re committed to delivering quality service that stands the test of time.

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